Icom 7700 with Perseus as Spektrum Skope

A very nice combo is the IC 7700 with the Perseus RX. So you can get a nice Spektrumscope where you are able to see details of the spektrum on the Perseus. This is also a second RX!!!

You need the following to realize this:

Perseus RX for 825,- Euros


A  Mini-Circuits Splitter/Combiner  for round 50,- Euros



So you are able to connect the Splitter to RX in and RX out. Activate the Antenna menue in the IC 7700 and activate RX-I/O

When you connect the Perseus to the Splitter you can see the spektrum.

To get both the Icom IC 7700 and the perseus TRANCEIVE (Same frequenzy on the IC 7700 and the Perseus use the Perseus Linker programm.


You can find this under the following link:


This software requires version 3.5 of the .NET Framework

Choose the serial interface which you use for the IC 7700 and for the Perseus (COM0COM must be installed) (Look here to install this: http://dg1fha.de/22.html )

Click twice open device and you can choose which one is the master of both.

So you are able that the Perseus is the master and you can work with your mouse on the display to coose the frequency...... and the IC 7700 has the same frequency.

Nothing more . Now you are able to see a good specrum.

I love this combo!!!

A second possibility is BobCAT

Look to the following link !